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After a year of podcasting, we have decided to finally start a Patreon! Thank you so much to everyone who listens; you have helped make this podcast a success, not to mention a rewarding endeavor for us! We appreciate all the support we can get, so we can keep Ghoul Intentions going!

According to our beloved Wikipedia, “Patreon is a crowdfunding membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, with ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or ‘patrons’.”

Basically, it’s a way to support individual artists through monthly donations for additional art or perks. We’ve set up four separate Tiers to give you several opportunities to show your support for Ghoul Intentions.

Tier One is for our Specters. It’s only $1/month, and it will get you added to our mailing list. Specters will get our undead love.

Tier Two is for our Ghouls. For $5/month, we’ll provide the Specter benefits, 2 extra Ghostacles Episodes a month as well as make four of our previously recorded opening stories available for download per month. We will also follow you on Instagram and/or Twitter! Ghouls will get more of that sweet, sweet content!

Tier Three is for our Revenants. For $10/month, we’ll provide the Specter and Ghoul benefits and add you to our private Discord chat where Michael and Jamie will have at least one scheduled chat per month. We will occasionally drop in on the chat unannounced, as well! With access to our Discord, Revenants will be the foundation of the Ghoul Intentions community.

Tier Four is for our Phantasms. For $20/month, we’ll provide the Specter, Ghoul, and Revenant benefits as well as include you in a private channel within our Discord to join the book club, assist with episode titles, and assist with HisTERRORY topics. Phantasms will be fundamental in helping us create the podcast.

You can see a detailed breakdown of the tiers and become a Ghoul Intentions Patron here.

Thank you again!


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