Ghost Story Submissions

Want to submit your own paranormal story to be read on Ghoul Intentions?

Our goal is to share not only our own, personal ghost stories, but to communicate the paranormal tales of our listeners as if they were our own. To achieve this goal, we plan to use our passion for literature and storytelling combined with our writing experience to adjust stories that have been submitted to sound as if they are authentically ours, if necessary. Nothing significant will be added or taken away from any story. We will simply rework the telling – again, if necessary – in order to make each story as authentic and engaging as we can.

We cannot express how excited we are to read your stories! Just follow the link below!

-J.M.T and J.M.

Submit Your Ghost Story


    1. The podcast will be about an hour, and we want to tell a few every episode. Five to ten minutes is a great goal, but if it’s great, we’ll take a longer story!

  1. I have been debating on writing my submission for some time now… Is there a limit to how long it can be? Mine stems back close to 20 years and I feel would be quite long for the podcast.

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