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  1. I’m in the middle of listening to episode 49; hearing about what’s been going on about ‘that’ situation (I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m dulling it down, I swear I’m not.), my heart goes out to you Jamie. I’ve been a big fan of ya’ll both since 2007 because of your work with Funimation, and hearing you address what’s been happening lately really hit home for me. I’m very glad that it’s worked out for you. I think you’re amazing and brave, and just all-around a badass. I love the podcast and binge-listening everyday, and I hope to one day meet you and Michael in person, even though I really don’t have any ghostly encounters of my own to tell and I’ll probably just ramble incoherently to you like an idiot. Anywhoo, I love ya’ll and keep on creeping us the fuck out.

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