1. Hi, I’m Mark, Darcy’s husband. The three of us that investigated were me(Mark), Darcy, and our friend also named Mark(confusing, I know).
    I just wanted to make a slight clarification. The place were my chest was struck, the atrium, was where the barn used to be.
    The place where my foot was stomped was on the second floor. Just a small thing. But I just wanted to clarify it for accuracy’s sake.
    Overall the Hill View experience was very interesting, but honestly I’m still not comfortable with everything that happened.

  2. Hi! I never listened to your podcast before, but I’m Darcy and her husband’s personal friend Mark. She never mentioned in the episode, but her husband is also Mark. Too many Marks! Darcy covered most of it, but I had some moments she didn’t mention. When Darcy’s husband, Mark, was getting his foot stomped, I had wandered more into the kitchens. I could hear them from afar, but I could also clearly hear the sounds of dishes clanking together from the kitchens. I was torn to further investigate, or aide my fellow Mark. In Antonio’s hallway, My metal flashlight had been in my pocket for roughly an hour. Feeling the cold but as someone who runs hot, I removed it from my pocket to find it absolutely frigid and touched it to Darcy’s husband’s arm to verify. Other than that, I swore I saw something in Amanda’s hallway and dodged quickly to the right into Darcy’s husband. As we crashed together we realized it was more comedy than evidence.

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